Hey! It's Me!

I'm a software engineer from Seattle. These days I work for Google in their Seattle office, helping to empower nonprofits with technology. Before that, I was part of the Google Drive team in Boulder, CO. In 2017 I graduated from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University with a B.S. in Computer Science. A long time ago I interned on the Google AdWords team in New York and at Dreambox Learning in Bellevue, WA.

In my free time I like to ski and hike in the Cascade Mountains. I'm learning to play golf, but so far I'm not very good.


Rainier (2016)


Rainier is a lightweight Sass framework for building the responsive web. It's modular, has typography based on relative units, and is built to be extended and modified. I developed Rainier and released it under the MIT license.

Thimble (2015)


Thimble is a platform that connects boutiques and independent fashion designers in a virtual tradeshow. I worked with a great team and led their efforts with regards to the front-end design and development.

AmericanPath (2015)


AmericanPath is a college counseling service based in Hong Kong. I was commissioned to design and develop their new website. Aesthetically, this is one of my favorite creations.

Derby Days (2014)


I built this site pro bono for my fraternity's yearly weeklong philanthropy. I used the Stripe API to bring in over $4,000 of credit card donations, all benefitting the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

DesignWorks (2015)


I built this landing page in a few hours as part of my application to the design firm DesignWorks. After I was accepted they chose to use it as their new homepage.

RyanMadden.net (2015)


I started this site in 2014 to teach myself web development. A year later I overhauled it, stripping out bootstrap and adding a blog. Enjoy!

Non-Web Programs

Decision Tree (2015)


This is a C4.5 Decision Tree python implementation with validation, pruning, and attribute multi-splitting. You know, if you're into machine learning and like that stuff.

MiniMatlab (2014)


My own C++ implementation of the MATLAB console. Storing values, math with variables, and matrix multiplication.

Say Hi!

I'd love to chat about web, software, or life in general and I've never not enjoyed an email that came from this form.